Posted on November 16, 2017 in Live Chat Software

Two Things You Must Do To Increase Online Sales 

Convenience, ability to easily compare prices and product availability all contribute to an ever increasing shift from customers buying services and products at brick and mortar stores to instead purchasing these online. If you have an online business, you want to increase online sales. Often it can feel as if what you offer is a commodity, whereas price is the only thing that matters, and the winner is always the lowest price. In this blog we will discuss proven two ways to increase your online sales without lowering your cost. We could write about SEO, PPC, Google Local, email marketing, and various other tactics, but let’s go a little higher and talk about overall strategy.  The two things that will increase your online sales relate to the customer experience. You must make the online customer experience simple and you must make it fast.

  • Keep Your Website Simple

  • Make It Fast

Keep Your Website Simple

Although there are many search engines, many online shoppers still use google to search for products and services. According to Statista, Google owns a near 65 percent market share of searches. So why is this important and what does it have to do with keeping your website simple?
Google’s mission is to return the most relevant website that matches the users search query. There is a fundamental way in both the way people shop and the way that Google determines relevance. The web page that is returned should be about one thing. For example, if you sell shoes, pants and shirts on your website, each product category should have its own page. One page would be about shoes, one page about shirts and one page and shoes. The page is about what the customer is looking for and only that so when they type in a search query about shoes, they are not shown things that distract them from what they are trying to find. It’s all about focus.

Continue to keep the experience simple by allowing the customers to easily contact you if they have a question, need support or want to purchase. In the modern society where everything is done now, people don’t want to wait. People also have preferences in how they want to engage with you and where they are at in the buying process. S

Some people may want to call, others want a live chat, others schedule an appointment. Instead of you buying multiple and often complex communication channels, consider BirdSeed. BirdSeed offers text and video live chat with simple-to-use, powerful engagement tools already built in for personal real-time connection with your web visitors 24/7.

Make It Fast

There are two trends in the last five years that matter most. A website must be responsive and it has to be fast. A responsive website means that no matter which kind of device-tablet, desktop, smartphone- the user must have a good experience.  (You can see if a website is responsive using this tool. The second thing is speed. There are two components to it- technical speed and business speed. Technical speed is how fast the website loads. Business speed is how quick you are to respond to questions or concerns and how quickly the user can do something on your website. Many plug-ins that combine communication channels add hundreds of lines of codes to a website, which slows it down. BirdSeed has one easy line of code that is added to your site and because we are a cloud based application, no appreciable drain on the website technical speed. The business speed is where BirdSeed really can help. We have reinvented live chat and made the experience much faster and 24/7 with our built I suit of engagement tools. You customer can now find answers in real-time when it is convenient for them- even when your business may not be operational.


Reach your customers where they are at. Make the experience simple. Make it fast.  BirdSeed can help with both. Your sales will increase. Contact us today to learn more.



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