Posted on January 4, 2018 in Marketing Thoughts

Three Ways The Business/Customer Relationship Is A Lot Like Dating

Even in the digital economy, business relationships are important. The more a customer trusts, likes and interacts with your brand the stronger that relationship becomes. If it goes well and the business continues to make the customer happy through the quality of service, product and experience then often a business can become “exclusive” where the customer doesn’t even consider other businesses for the things you provide. Since it is a relationship, there are similarities to dating. Here are three ways the relationship between a business and customer is a lot like two people dating.

  1. The Customer Is In Different Stages Of Interest. Ever been on a first date? Sometimes things seem to being going well and you and the other person are enjoying learning about each other and having fun. However,  other times it seems the conversation is awkward and you can’t wait until your friend calls so you can make an excuse to leave, knowing there isn’t going to be a second date. People have different levels of interests in a business as well, depending on what stage they are in in the sales cycle. Often people want to get to know a little about a business before they commit to buy your product or use your service. The customer life cycle has been defined in separate stages, a multitude of different ways. I like the way Denis Pombriant, author of “You Can’t Buy Customer Loyalty, But You Can Earn It,” defined the six steps in the customer lifecycle: discovery, evaluation, purchase, use/experience, bond, and advocacy. Many companies try to ask for information or engage in ways that the customer simply isn’t ready to commit to, yet or at all. In business and in dating, the key is to move on to the next steps only when BOTH parties are ready.
  2. Time And Availability Matter There is simply no substitute for time. When dating, often healthy relationships occur when people juggle life’s responsibilities and make time for what is important. They make the other person feel important and are available when it is best for the other person. In business, especially the nature of a 24/7 website, customers often are only available after dinner is made, the kids are put to sleep, Game of Thrones is over-whatever and do their browsing or shopping after your work hours are over. So if you don’t have a mechanism in place that allows them to feel that they matter, can communicate after hours and move the conversation forward, very often they can become frustrated. Customers are conditioned in modern days to have immediate answers and instant gratification.
  3. The Customer Can Break Up With Your Business If You Fail To Treat Them Right If you fail to provide a great experience and the person is unhappy in a date they can break things off at any point and go see other people. As much as we like to think we are irreplaceable, the old adage that there are plenty of fish in the sea holds true for both personal relationships and business relationships. Your business must engage and provide a great experience presale, discovery and post-sale in order for a customer to stay with you.

((BONUS!!) When the person is really happy, all of their friends and family know. 

When a person cares strongly enough about another, they often tell their friends and family about you. You meet them and build more relationships with their circle of friendship and influence. Business relationships are exactly the same (perhaps even easier). Happy customers leave good reviews, share or mention you on social media channels and encourage their friends or family to engage with you as well. When you do business right and make them happy, you are not winning 1 customer. You are winning one customer and their entire sphere of influence.

So Where Does BirdSeed Fit In, Why Did We Write This?

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