Posted on November 29, 2017 in Marketing Thoughts

Choose Your Own Adventure

I may be showing my age a little, but there was a series of books I read as a child with the theme “Choose Your Own Adventure“. Choose Your Own Adventure, as published by Bantam Books, was one of the most popular children’s series during the 1980s and 1990s, selling more than 250 million copies between 1979 and 1998. At various points in the book it would allow the reader to select which action would be next and then go to the corresponding page. For example, You (the reader) has to escape from a house. If you decide to escape through the front door go to page 25 and if you exit through the backdoor, go to page 35. These books were incredibly popular because it gave the reader control of the story. It allowed the reader to take the action they were most comfortable with from a series of options.

BirdSeed is the software equivalent of letting your customer Choose Their Own Adventure.

BirdSeed understands that online customers are in different places in the sales cycle. Some people are just “kicking tires” and doing some research. Some are more savvy and might have a couple of questions they want answered and others may be ready to purchase now. Add to this, another level of complexity is that people differ in the way the PREFER to communicate with you. We understand that there are companies out there that may provide ONE of these ways to communicate with you and do it very well, however BirdSeed differs in that we offer them ALL from one easy to use button. No need to worry about how the different communication platforms will be integrated.

BirdSeed offers something we call an engagement button. One small box on your website is clicked when the customer is ready and they can make the choice of how to communicate with you from options you offer.

Why Is This Important?

As mentioned, BirdSeed understands that there are various preferences that a customer may have in the method they want to engage with your business. BirdSeed offers an easy way for you to provide multiple communication platforms without it becoming complicated or cluttered. When they are ready, they push a button to launch our engagement panel which offers them several ways to engage with you- however they feel most comfortable.  These methods include:

  • Call – Call Us, Now or have Us Call You
  • Knowledge Library- Answers to FAQs
  • Schedule a Demo- Set a time to go over a product or service demonstration
  • Download a White Paper- Let them download infographics, white papers or other important materials directly
  • Ask A Question- Let the customer submit a question and you will respond
  • Chat with Us – Unique Live Video Chat


And as for the “Timely Response” issue?

Customer’s wanting engagement at those times you aren’t available? You can customize our engagement panel to hide tools such as live chat when you are away, to create a seamlessly, yet constantly engaging, experience for all your customers!. We wanted to give that same experience when someone uses our tool. We want people to feel that they matter and that any question they have can be addressed immediately.

Does Your Customer Feel Like They Matter To Your Business?

If there is no relationship built, it is just a common non-personal interaction with some product or service provider. Nothing to separate one business from another. And more importantly, nothing to stop them from leaving your website quickly and going somewhere else.

Along with the fact that with our tool, your website is ready to engage with them WHENEVER they are ready to and HOWEVER they prefer, BirdSeed also makes your customers feel important and reminds them that you are there to help by offering the ability to add a proactive message to personally welcome them to your business.  This provides a much-improved customer experience and builds a little of the relationship.

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