Posted on May 7, 2019 in Live Chat Software

Choosing Your Initial Tools

BirdSeed is incredibly powerful, yet easy to use. Like any powerful application, there are going to be some features that you may want to prioritize and others you may not think are right for your business at all. To keep it simple in the begininng, there are five “default tools” enabled.

These are based on the working hours you put in when setting up the site. Live Chat, as well as the ability for a visitor to request a phone call is turned on during business hours. After hours they can use the contact form- which is like your standard form, or an email capture tool- which adds them to your newsletter subscription or some other communication you automate. Our 5th tool is a meeting or call scheduler tool that is enabled all hours.

For all tools, you can change or modify what tool is displayed at any given time, add text, add media and more. There are other tools besides those mentioned, but some of these require a little more user input. For example, you would have to create and add a testimonial to be able to use our testimonial tool. Another example of a non-default tool is our knowledge base- you would have to add the question and answer yourself, so this is why it is not default as enabled from the start.


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