challenges of customer communication

Posted on February 28, 2019 in Marketing Thoughts

Challenges of Customer Communication

Nearly every company puts at the top of the list of their corporate challenges is customer communication.  In a world full of smartphones and digital technology, online news, and instant communication, why do companies still struggle to communicate with their customers? The customer is often bombarded and forced to follow a certain path of communication. Our issue is one that the legendary George Bernard Shaw identified, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Website visitors or customer all have different preferences in how they communicate and how they want to engage with a business. With so many avenues for communication open to us, I believe we take for granted actual communication has taken place.  Instead, we falsely equate any action as connection and communication. Even a transaction is not always a signal of successful communication. I think the most important question is- Is the communication experience easy and comfortable for them?

Customer experience matters more than ever. Read why, here.

Why Do Companies Struggle To Communicate?

What happens when information is not available when and as you need it? People get angry and combative, or worse, dissociative and indifferent. Instead of engaging, we do just the opposite: we stop engaging with the company; we disown or even disavow it.

Look at company online reviews for example.  The majority of bad reviews have nothing to do with the company, product or service itself.  The majority of bad or negative reviews stem from a lack of communication.   In fact, companies with great communication see higher reviews even when they deliver a bad product, just based on their ability to communicate appropriately and quickly to their customer base.

Now, by no means am I advocating for your company to offer poor products or services, and exist solely on great communication.  Far from it.  But I am advocating for you to reevaluate your companies methodologies of communication with your client base. Instead of being pushy, offer easy paths to things they may be interested in. Let the customer choose their way forward how and when they are ready.

What’s In A Name?

Your clients drive your business. It’s important to note how they interact with your brand by not only reaching out when you want their business. Find ways to connect and continuously show you care.  Don’t use a one size fits all method, because in the world of communication- it doesn’t.  People have different expectations of your website and of the user experience. Read more about what customer’s expert here. 

How Does BirdSeed Help?

At BirdSeed, we often talk about the difference in preference in communication and engagement preferences and of the difference of stage that a customer is in. Give multiple avenues for your customers to communicate with you.  There is no such thing as over-communicating! You may discover, like many of our clients have, that the best communication is fast and with a real person – the most popular communication channel that many businesses that use our tool is Live Chat.   Although some people prefer not speaking with a human when they have a question, when they do need to communicate with one, your company should be prepared. 12 FREE Tools, All Built Into ONE Button
Once you realize how many different tools are needed to engage more website visitors, you’ll see why Birdseed is the solution you’ve always needed!

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robert urbanCurrent CMO of BirdSeed and best-selling author, Marine veteran and PhD.  Offers expert-level strategy and execution for SAAS and technology business through relationship driven marketing, content and sales while leading and managing people from all different backgrounds. BirdSeed is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

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