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Posted on December 8, 2017 in Marketing Thoughts

Why Customer Testimonials Are Essential On Your Website

Trust is a high-value commodity.  In life if someone said how great they were at something, we would all be a little wary of what was being said. However, if someone else was saying the same thing about that person, we would be much inclined to trust what was being said. With access to so much information (and misinformation) online,

Customer testimonials are a strong sign to the person considering utilizing your company’s product or service


There are three important things that every good website does. Let’s explore those things and then see how including customer testimonials on your website can help with each item.

Every good website does three things: Discovery, Validation and Conversion.

1) Discovery – allows people who don’t know about your product, service or cause find you online.

2) Validation– allows people who have heard of you to validate what they heard, to recognize you are a real business and to have a source of information on what you provide

3) Conversion – allows people to perform a desired action- purchase, contact, etc,.

Word of mouth and referrals is how most businesses will say they get the best customers. Social media became the next evolution of that. In fact, according to research done by BrightLocal-

85% Of Consumers Trust Online Testimonials & Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

Customer testimonials show the customer that your business is authentic, that people have used your service or product and they are happy with the result and it met their expectation. Customer Testimonials also helps you sell. In testimonials, people often describe their unique experience or factor that they liked-in their own words. It takes away the jargon and sales language that many websites contain. The trust comes because that person has nothing to gain from providing a good testimonial because as a customer has no stake in the continued success of the business. Lastly, the it also helps the customers visualize themselves in the buying cycle.

So Where Does BirdSeed Come in?

BirdSeed offers multiple built-in tools to engage and connect with your customer. One of the tools we have allows you to create a personal introduction that allows you to direct customers where you want them to go next. You can embed a video of a customer testimonial you have already created or add authenticity by using our software to create a quick video introduction to a testimonial.

You can even customize by placing different messages on different pages at different times! If you have customer testimonials of a certain product, person or service you provide, you can embed that easily on a webpage with our tool.

BirdSeed allows you to offer an incredible and improved experience to your customers, regardless of how they want to engage with your company or what stage in the buying cycle they might be in. Learn more at today.


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