Posted on May 5, 2017 in Live Chat Software

How Live Video Chat Software Helps Your Small Business

To understand how live video chat software helps your small business, let us first go back to 1997 when I was entering the workforce. 20 years ago my father told me that the two most important sales tools are a handshake and honest answers. While those two things are still incredibly important, technology has made the business and customer relationship often transactional and non-personal- no hands to shake. While I still believe honest answers are important to a company’s success, how we think about how to build relationships in this new paradigm must evolve as well.

Most technology serves one purpose- make our lives easier. In many ways it has accomplished that. Cars to take us places. Microwaves to cook our food, refrigerators to store it, air conditioners to keep us cold and so on. This extends to our shopping experiences as well. No longer do we have to have a traditional brick and mortar and interaction for many items. E-commerce has changed the world. Mobile usage has increased the ease of that exponentially.  Whether most technology really does make our life easier or not is anything discussion for another day, but it is true that the EXPECTATIONS of the consumer or customer is greater than ever. If your product, process, service or business raises a question, offers any confusion or doesn’t almost immediately offer the customer information in any stage of the purchase cycle, they will find someone (your competitor) who does.

Live video chat software helps your small business in a myriad of ways (we will cover many of those in future blogs), however the main benefit is that Responcierge has built a tool that  is the quickest, most convenient way for anyone with a concern or questions to chat in real-time with someone on your team and get that answered. The person who you dealt with now feels much more comfortable with the transaction, has a better sentiment about your company due to a small relationship being built and very often that tirekicker is not turned into a purchaser.

I have a son of my own now and like many fathers before me, I often give life advice. One piece of gold I give him is “If something is important, communicate immediately with someone. Address their or your issues and resolve it. Benjamin Franklin knew what he wa talking about when he penned “A stitch in time saves nine”.  Make your customer feel important and the likelihood of you earning a customer increases greatly.

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