Posted on May 7, 2019 in Live Chat Software

Integrate BirdSeed With Other Applications

BirdSeed can be integrated or connected with almost any other application. There are specific tutorials you can find in our library to tell you how to easily add this tool to websites, however there are thousands of other applications that BirdSeed can be connected with as well. The most common three connections are with CRMs, Help desk when BirdSeed is used in a Support Capacity, and lead generation with Email Marketing

When a person communicates through BirdSeed the data is saved. Live Chat requests, Call requests, event scheduling, contact form and others. For many businesses with pipelines or CRM data, this lead entrance data is vital to track and manage. We use Zapier to connect one application to another.


Click on the BirdSeed Account, then go to Integrations.

Go to, create a free account or a starter plan, that costs about 20 bucks per month.

Then click back on the private BirdSeed link to connect BirdSeed with Zapier. You are now connected. The next step is set up “Zaps”. Zaps are the data that you want sent and to what other tool that you want. From here, the customization is really up to what is best for your business. Below is just an example of how the workflow could be used.

A person requests an email through the BirdSeed platform. That data is “zapped” to mailchimp. A new mailchimp entry is a trigger that then sends a welcome email to someone. This in turn can trigger an automatic entry into the pipeline for Salesforce.

BirdSeed is a simple, but powerful tool. Use the information BirdSeed offers in the way that is right for you.


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