Posted on June 5, 2017 in Marketing Thoughts

Lead Forms Are Dying

Marketing has evolved from a simple handshake and word of mouth to TV and radio to complex integrative programs that include social media, pay-per-click, SEO, email marketing.  Every medium has costs, whether in significant money spent or time generating content. All marketing has a universal goal-drive the audience to perform a certain action. These actions can include calling your company, purchasing something in store or coming to your website and in marketing lingo-convert. That conversion is often when a person fills out a lead form. Even the best lead forms leave something to be desired for authentic engagement. Imagine going to a nice restaurant, having a great experience and no interaction with anyone. Not the greatest experience. Online, from a business perspective decide between adding a security for Captcha or having a ton of spam.

INTERACTIVE CONTENT IS 94{90e23b05f5ff38088be8ac91255ce0c3f3d940fddb6db91b139172d0924b86de} MORE EFFECTIVE IN CONVERTING WEB TRAFFIC.

(Source: Demand Metric Customer & Buyer Journey Benchmark Report)

People want immediate satisfaction. Even with an auto-response or quick follow up email or text, that is just a promise of another communication to come. It doesn’t answer specific questions or make the business profit, immediately. There should be a better way. That is where BirdSeed comes in.

While our platform allows you to control which method of support/communication you have with the client, ( lead form, text, call, schedule a meeting, traditional chat, etc) the driving force behind what makes us unique is our real-time video response capability.

Real-time Video Responses

Using our Patent-Pending technology, engage all of your website visitors by responding real-time with instant recorded responses creating a personal connection with your guests and increasing engagement

How is this different than One Way Streaming Video Chat?

Some companies allow you to video chat with them and don’t force the website visitor to turn on their microphone or mouse… only they do.  The problem with that?  It’s AWKWARD!  Imagining having an employee just sitting there while someone stares at them and waiting to see if they type a question.  Frankly, it may even feel creepy.  Just as importantly – if the chat operator is having to sit their in that “chat” waiting for a response, they are unable to attend to multiple chat’s which we allow for.  No need to awkwardly sit in front of camera…simply respond to one or many responses by website visitors and even re-record your response quickly if it wasn’t exactly what you want to respond with!

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