Posted on April 23, 2017 in Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software by BirdSeed

Do you ever wonder how to do a better job building an authentic connection with people that visit your website WHILE THEY ARE BROWSING?

For the last several months, we have thought about this question. We have researched, brainstormed, talked with hundreds of people and businesses and combined that with our own experiences as a customer in a digital world. We have created the solution- BirdSeed.

We consider it the final evolution of video live chat software, yet it is also so much more. BirdSeed is the full customer engagement solution- 24/7.

Welcome to our first blog series and to a transformative solution that will change your business.

First, let us set the stage.
1. People have shorter attention spans (Squirrel!!)
2. Society often doesn’t like to wait for anything anymore.
3. We look for personal experiences in a world that has become increasingly transactional.
That said, for business owners with a web presence who are now having to compete even more, they are consequently spending more money and time trying to “connect” with visitors/customers quicker and more efficiently. Websites look and function much better, but do they do a better job to actually connect with people?
The closest current thing is traditional “live” chat which is essentially texting back and forth to get information, which seems quite impersonal and lacks true engagement. There are even several free live chat programs out there. Over the next few blogs we will uncover why you shouldn’t really want a free solution, when an affordable solution from BirdSeed does so much more.

You can learn more by scheduling a quick demo of our system,  reading more on the website or simply contacting us and experiencing BirdSeed for yourself.



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