Posted on May 21, 2017 in Marketing Thoughts

Outsourced Customer Service

Owning a business is often the epitome of the American dream. Work hard, be your own boss and make decisions about the direction of the company as it grows. Statistically, small business owners and mid-to-senior level managers put a lot of time into their company, making sure that the customer has the best experience possible. While putting in these long hours is sometimes necessary, many people in these roles strive to have a fair work/life balance. Business owners that offer 9-5 services often face the same challenge-how do you handle customers when you are off? Your customers are working themselves and making buying decisions after hours. You don’t want to miss out on them, however you also don’t want your business to interrupting the parts of life you work so hard to enjoy- time with family, friends, travel, vacations, etc.

So what is the solution? How do you balance work after hours and life?

Many companies turn to outsourced customer service providers. This  can be a vital part of any business owner’s arsenal.

However, there are limitations and challenges to outsourcing. Some of these include:

  • You have to hire and train new operators.
  • You must provide the logistics to switch from your internal team and customer service channel to the outsourced one. 
  • Outsourcing customer service is often not scalable
  • The cost of outsourcing customer service reduces profit

All of these issue can provide a less than authentic interaction with the company and can directly affect your bottom line.

What if there was a way that didn’t require training or hiring anyone?

What if you could have incredible customer service options that are affordable, reliable, easy-to set up and scalable?

With BirdSeed, you can.

Sure, BirdSeed allows you to have live video chat responses in real time when you are working, but what can it do when it is after hours and you have no one to “watch the phones”? One of the ways BirdSeed can be used is to provide short concise videos that a company representative has recorded to introduce the company and to answer common questions. What does a customer call in for in the first place? They want to be made to fee important, questions answered and know someone cares about their issue. How would you feel if someone actually from the company had taken the time to answer the most common FAQs or told you how to navigate your website to find more information? What if they had a short snippet showing you how to do XYZ? BirdSeed can do all of this and so much more.

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