Posted on July 5, 2017 in Marketing Thoughts

Personalized Customer Connection

*Disclaimer* Just to be clear, we don’t work with Starbucks® and have no affiliation with them (other than our staff drinking a ton of their coffee);  just thought what they were doing is cool and wanted to share.

Traffic, fireworks, friends, family and the occasional tourist- All things to see and do over the 4th of July holiday. While traveling over the long weekend, we saw something else that we thought was very cool. Starbucks®  has invested in two way video in certain stores to offer a better experience for their drive-through customers.  According to a press release from Starbucks®, “At a time when most companies are moving towards self-serve and automation, Starbucks® continues to invest in leading technological innovations, but with personalized customer connection at the heart of every decision,” The image attached to this blog is an interaction where a barista communicated in sign language to a deaf customer through the video. That interaction went viral.

Customers have many options for just about any product or service. Often, due to the anonymous nature of the internet and E-commerce, there is no personal interaction, no relationship between a business and a customer. Everything becomes transactional instead of personal. When this happens your company is only judged on the product, itself and no real relationship is able to be developed. When a company takes the time and devotes resources to bring that high level customer service they promise and build a personal connection businesses are transformed from a place where  a customer doesn’t even remember your company once the their transaction is over or that same person becoming a loyal customer for life-one who mentions you to their circles, posts positive reviews about you and engages with your brand on social media.

At Reponcierge, we grew weary that in our personal lives as customers we were numbers on a balance or sales sheet so we created a software that allows that interaction to happen. BirdSeed, however, is much more than a cool software. Much more than a patent-pending amazing technology. All of those are accurate, yet at our core our driving force behind everything we have created and all we do is the realization that personalized customer connections and authentic customer engagement is better for everyone.  People want to know that they are important to your company.

Starbucks® is a multi-billion dollar company who heavily invests in technology. Not all companies have the budget to build technology like this. Luckily, you don’t have to have a large budget to offer the same sort of thing. BirdSeed is incredibly affordable for any sized company. To learn more about how BirdSeed can help your company build relationships with customers, contact us today or schedule a demo on our homepage. We look forward to interacting with you.


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