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Posted on October 16, 2019 in Live Chat Software

It is October, and if you have an online store you are probably already geared up and ready for the holidays. Fine-tuning your preparations may give you the edge you need over your competitors, and if you start now, you should be ready in time!

A very well respected marketing guru, David Droga once said,  “Each consumer has the power of their wallet and their voice. They can exercise that.”  If your business is online, your website should be ready to help each visitor exercise their voice and buying potential.  From offering fewer clicks to get the information they need, to helping google find your products and raise your search level, a few minor adjustments this season, could pay big dividends by the end of the year.

Optimize your Website, Without Overhauling

Drastic website changes should wait until after the New Year. Like a facelift, a New Year offers a great marketing opportunity to revel a fresh face.  However now is not the time to try new navigation or try a new theme. Leave the code alone!

Google has been crawling your website, and major changes will damage your search results. Plus, your current customers know how to navigate to website, and new design could potentially cause them to hesitate when they visit. New layouts are confusing, especially for loyal, long-term customers.

What you should do though, is make sure each product and page has alt tags, descriptions and updated descriptions. (If any of that sounds out of your comfort zone, you can hire a company that specializes in SEO to complete this)

Prepare For Traffic

If you experience high levels of traffic, or even just a peak time, your visitors may not be able to connect to your website.  Latency can make a potential customer frustrated, and even encourage them to shop elsewhere.   Just imagine if you went to a brick and mortar store, and the doors were closed making you unable to shop.  You would not only immediately leave the tore, but you also may never go back.

To help prevent latency, contact your hosting company to increase the bandwidth your site has, and increase it if needed.

You can test the speed of your website, content loading on a desktop, and on mobile devices. Try this site <REF: https://www.uptrends.com/tools/website-speed-test  > . In addition to showing you how your website performs in different browsers, it also will give you specific recommendations to optimize and speed up your site.

Invite Customers To Your Parties

Let your customers know about your upcoming in-house events or online events. If you do not have an area set up on your site for event and product announcements, consider adding a dedicated area immediately. A page dedicated to events or a product timeline-like our event timeline tool can be very powerful when used properly.

Have a meeting with stakeholders in your company like your marketing division, or product group, and establish a rollout schedule. Building excitement for your events and specials will not only increase your sales, but it will also add value to your website and encourage visitors to stay.

Increase Your Contacts

Every holiday shopper looks for great deals. Capitalize on these super savers by offering them a special discount in exchange for their contact information. The more information you want to add to your database, the better the deal. Consumers have seen the typical 10% off or free shipping in exchange for an email address. But use our free contact tool, and offer them a secondary special bonus for a home address or phone number. It’s a win for your customer, and for your sales team!

In conclusion, your website traffic should increase this holiday season. Be prepared for the extra traffic, and capitalize on the extra eyes you will gain! After the season, make sure to run metric analyzing your visitor behavior so that next year, you can put a plan in place to continue to improve their experience.

Be Prepared With Answers  

You are the expert on your product, so make sure your knowledge library shows off what you know! If you get the same questions from customers, turn it into an advantage by adding the answer to your library. Early-stage buyers frequently want to learn about your company and product before buying, so give them the answers they are looking for to help them convert into a great sale, and a future loyal customer for you!

Some people want answers faster, especially during the holidays. Your live chat should be able to handle the bulk of their questions. However, your website should also be able to support web visitors and customers who don’t prefer live chat options and want another method of communication and at times when you are away from your business.


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