Proactive Messaging

Posted on November 8, 2017 in Live Chat Software

You walk in to a store with various departments. Immediately, someone welcomes you and asks if you need help. You say, “No” and continue to look around at various products or services. You walk into one of the departments and this time you do have a question. The person responsible for that department is an expert on the topic and you are happy enough with the response to move forward with the purchase.

The above happens often in the brick and mortar store, so how do you replicate that experience for your online visitor?

Proactive Messaging From BirdSeed is the Answer.

BirdSeed allows you to personally connect with your web visitor 24/7 through a unique live chat software and a host of other engagement tools.  Our tagline says it all – “Text And Video Live Chat With Simple-To-Use, Powerful Engagement Tools For Personal Real-time Connection With Your Web visitors Anytime”

You may be thinking “Unique? I have heard of (or even used) Live Chat Software before.”

Not like ours, you haven’t….

BirdSeed truly unique since it provides the ultimate solution. The customer can now chat with you using traditional text conversation, however using our patent-pending software, your chat operators are able to create and instantly send video messages right within the chat make it personal and engaging! BirdSeed offers an easy way for you to provide multiple communication platforms without it becoming complicated or cluttered. When they are ready, they push a button to launch our engagement panel which offers them several ways to engage with you- however they feel most comfortable.  These methods include:

In today’s multi-tasking, everything now, crowd, people want an answer when convenient for them.

And as for the immediacy issue? Reach them however they most prefer. Our software suit allows you to offer these methods below.


  • Chat With Us- Create and instantly send video messages
  • Call – Call Us, Now or have Us Call You
  • Knowledge Library– Answers to FAQs
  • Schedule a Demo– Set a time to go over a product or service demonstration
  • Download a White Paper– Let them download infographics, white papers or other important materials directly
  • Ask A Question– Let the customer submit a question and you will respond

You are also able to customize our engagement panel to hide tools such as live chat when you are away, to create a seamlessly, yet constantly engaging, experience for all your customers! All of the other tools make it so that you need NO other resources to engage people when you aren’t available.

An example:

If you decide to use the knowledge library, you can easily build a library of responses, (even video, if you want) to answer all of the questions someone would ask during live chat… creating the same and CONSISTENT incredible experience.

BirdSeed is affordable, powerful, easy-to-use, convenient and allows you to engage your customers 24/7. Contact us today to learn more about how BirdSeed can benefit your business.


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