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Posted on November 11, 2019 in Live Chat Software

I love start-ups. Ideas and innovation married with a person bold enough to move it forward. Start-ups are where the digital pioneers forge new paths to entrepreneurship. The people behind start-ups are disruptive, inventive and risk takers. The reason it is a risk is because there is a strong possibility of the start-up…well not ever starting correctly. While we hear of the amazing stories and success of people that went from the proverbial working out of the garage to now flying GulfStreams, the fact of the matter is that many start-ups fail. There are many reasons. Some include, but aren’t limited to- Funding, product development, cash flow, personnel , market shifts, technology paradigms making whatever is the newest thing the start up built obsolete overnight and so many other things that can knock the start-up from ever entering a mature business level. Your Website’s/App/Product Communication should not be one of those things.

Why is Website Engagement & Website Communication Important?

Often a start-up is run by an individual or incredibly lean team. At any given time, people’s roles within a start-up morph. (I have a friend who has janitor on his business card, although it is now a million dollar a year revenue producing company. He put this on there because he said when he started off, after he put in a super long day, before he left he would clean the office bathrooms, take out the trash and the rest of the duties that a cleaning crew would normally do because he didn’t want to invest the money to pay for something he could do himself. He says having janitor on his card allows him to be reminded of when times weren’t so great and to be responsible with his choices and money and secondly, to see how people talk to him and treat him when they think he is low on the totem pole of the corporate ladder.)

The point is that people leading start-ups are often too busy to spend hours communicating and engaging with any potential web visitors and answering questions. However, this communication is also incredibly important. You don’t want to miss out on a potential customer, just because you are busy or it is after hours. You don’t want someone frustrated because they can’t find an answer they need. Depending on the business model, you may also be missing media inquiries, partnerships, investor interest and more.

There are three challenges that EVERY company faces no matter the size or vertical. From start-ups to Fortune 500 the web visitor is unique that visits their online website/app/etc. People are unique in who they are, what they want and even how they prefer to communicate. So the three issues that stem from that are:

  1. People are in different stages of the buying cycle
  2. They have different purposes/needs when coming to your site
  3. They have different preferences in how to communicate/engage with a company

So what is the solution?

BirdSeeed  is.

BirdSeed was designed to answer all of these in one simple, cost effective solution. BirdSeed is often considered a website engagement platform. In other words, our application offers an All-in-One Website Sales Center.

All-in-One Website Sales Center

12 powerful tools including live chat, meeting scheduling, FAQ, testimonials and more. All in one simple button. Our tool also allows you to put a proactive or unique message on various pages and has a robust integration of an entire suite of tools. This suite allows you to offer multiple ways for someone to find what they want and to communicate and engage with you how they want to and when they want to.

BirdSeed has got you covered in keeping the web visitor, or customer, happy and engaged. All in one simple button.

Until Next Time,

Robert Urban – CMO of BirdSeed 

robert urbanCurrent CMO of BirdSeed and best-selling author, Marine veteran and PhD.  Offers expert-level strategy and execution for SaaS and technology business through relationship driven marketing, content and sales while leading and managing people from all different backgrounds. BirdSeed is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.


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