Posted on May 4, 2018 in Live Chat Software

Two Challenges A Business Messenger Tool Must Overcome to Be Effective

For the business messenger tool to be effective, it must solve two significant challenges. It must address the fact that customers are in different stages of the buying cycle and it must offer multiple ways for a customer to interact and engage with a business due to difference in preferences. BirdSeed designed and built an incredibly powerful FREE business messaging tool that is also easy to use. Since the name business messenger tool can be somewhat misinterpreted, we call our entire tool a customer engagement tool since we believe that more succinctly and accurately tells what it is we do- it allows a business to engage with customers.

The Customer Engagement Tool by BirdSeed Answers Both Challenges

Challenge 1

Customers Are At Different Stages of The Buying Cycle

Not everyone who visits your website is ready to buy immediately. There are multiple stages of the buying cycle that a customer can be at, and that stage often changes. The buying cycle, sometimes referred to as the marketing funnel or sales cycle, is a patterned process consumers and business buyers go through when contemplating a purchase. The buying cycle has been broken down by various people and companies, however it is often expressed as three steps- awareness, where someone is learning about your business, consideration- where they are considering you and the alternatives and purchase- the moment when they choose to buy.

Awareness > Consideration > Purchase

The customer wants to engage with your company for the stage of the cycle they are in and they want to have no more commitment needed than they are ready for. For example, someone just finding out about your product may not want to give you their contact information yet but are interested in reading your FAQS. Someone may have a question and want to talk or live chat, but not buy yet. Someone may be ready to buy right now. Instead of having to search all over your website to find what they are looking for in the method to interact with you for various stages it is all available to them with the click of one button. This ties in to the second challenge.

Challenge 2

Customers Have Different Preferences in How They Want to Engage With A Business

Even among the same type of demographic and audience, people have differences in the way they prefer to communicate or engage with a company. Often there is a generational component- older generations prefer to use phone and emails while younger generations are often more comfortable with live chats. As technology adoption increases, the generational difference disappears in regards to communication and the customer preference runs the entire gamut. A person is more likely to move forward if their preference is available. BirdSeed allows anyone to click the aforementioned simple box to launch a panel with multiple choices. The customer selects which one they want.

However you phrase it. –

The Original Business Messenger Tool

A Customer Engagement Tool. 

A Profit Increasing Free Customer Happiness Maker 

BirdSeed is it.  Our Customer Engagement Tool solves both of these challenges and many more.

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