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Posted on November 23, 2017 in Live Chat Software

The Ultimate All-In-One Customer Engagement Tool

A business that promotes or sells its products and services online must contend with many factors. These include having customers from different generations, customers being in different stages in the sales cycle and having differences in the method and preference of how they communicate with your company. Although the lines are blurred and trends are shifting, often communication methods are generational. For example, baby boomers are often much more comfortable talking on the phone than millennials. Since millennials and following generations grew up with more technology, they are often more comfortable with “advanced” communication methods.

So how does a company address communication for every customer in their own preferred way?

Live Chat is often selected by companies to try to address this,  however it can be complex to integrate and it sacrifices the other methods.

BirdSeed Is The Solution.

HOWEVER the customer wants to engage, BirdSeed offers an incredibly powerful, simply way to do so.

Our software suit allows you to offer these methods below.

  • Chat With Us- Create and instantly send video messages
  • Call – Call Us, Now or have Us Call You
  • Knowledge Library– Answers to FAQs
  • Schedule a Demo– Set a time to go over a product or service demonstration
  • Download a White Paper– Let them download infographics, white papers or other important materials directly
  • Ask A Question– Let the customer submit a question and you will respond

You are also able to customize our engagement panel to hide tools such as live chat when you are away, to create a seamlessly, yet constantly engaging, experience for all your customers! All of the other tools make it so that you need NO other resources to engage people when you aren’t available.

What make it the Ultimate Solution?

With one line of code, BirdSeed can transform your website into a welcoming, easy to use, personal and powerful engagement platform. ll the tools are built in and included in both the free for life and premium plan.

Low price…Easy to ingrate. Easy to Use.  

What Makes BirdSeed’s Live Chat Software Unique?

BirdSeed is truly unique since it provides the ultimate live chat solution in real-time. The customer can now chat with you using traditional text conversation, however using our patent-pending software, your chat operators are able to create and instantly send video messages right within the chat to make it personal and engaging!

BirdSeed has done all of the heavy lifting when designing and developing this software to make what you want to do- engage customers- easily and without the need for technical knowledge or a significant time or financial investment. BirdSeed has two pricing models. An all-inclusive Free for Life plan and a Premium plan that still only costs 99 per month. Exact same features and benefits with The ONLY difference between the two pricing models is that you are limited to 10 customer interactions per month with the free version.

BirdSeed is personal, affordable, powerful, easy-to-use, convenient and allows you to engage your customers 24/7. Engage with us today to learn more about how BirdSeed can benefit your business.




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