Posted on August 4, 2017 in Live Chat Software

Video Chat

Video chat, wearable technology, wristwatch phones, smart houses- these were once the promise of the future and now they have become a standard part of our everyday lives.  We have come a long way from switchboard operators, and other antiquated phone systems. While technology continues to advance rapidly (Moore’s Law), the trends in how we use it are often different generationally as well. I am writing this blog at near 40 and amazed at how far technology has come in just the last ten years and although I think video chat is incredible, calling someone on the phone is still normal for me. However, many of the generation X, Y and Millennials- who are the next wave of business leaders, workforce foundation and power shoppers often avoid talking on the phone, yet still want instant answers and online e-commerce satisfaction. This leads to video chat not only being normal and accustomed to these tech savvy customers, but also their preferred method of communication. Let us explore three reasons video chat is so effective.

Three Reasons Live Chat Is Effective

1) Video Chat allows an authentic online interaction.

Numerous studies about sales, neuro linguistic behavior, psychology and other fields have proven how important body language is in communication and interpretation. Video chat transforms the customer experience from that of customer to machine, to human to human. This experience makes a single-serving connection between the customer and your brand authentic and personal, often leading to a repeat customer or brand advocate.

2) Live Chat Is Convenient

BirdSeed Live Chat Software Allows You To Meet the Customer Where They Are At

BirdSeed allows you to communicate with the customer in the way they would like (still in line with your preferences and business model, of course). You can choose to enable several methods of communication with the customer/client.

Here are some of the tabs available:

Call Us

Allows you to provide your audience with a direct phone number to contact you before, during or after a chat with an operator. You can choose to display this Tab during business hours and track results of calls.

Schedule Meeting

Provide website guests with a way to schedule a meeting before, during or after a live chat based on the days and time you choose. You will be notified of all scheduled meetings and product demonstrations requested.

Traditional Text Live Chat

For times when you are unable or choose not to provide real-time video support to your website visitors, you are always able to provide traditional text chat, as well as providing varied means of support- ie. weblinks, white papers, instructions or anything else appropriate to your company.

Real-time Video Responses

Using our Patent-Pending technology, engage all of your website visitors by responding real-time with instant recorded responses creating a personal connection with your guests and increasing engagement

(How is this different than One Way Streaming Video Chat? Some companies allow you to video chat with them and don’t force the website visitor to turn on their microphone or mouse… only they do.  The problem with that?  It’s AWKWARD!  Imagining having an employee just sitting there while someone stares at them and waiting to see if they type a question.  Frankly, it may even feel creepy.  Just as importantly – if the chat operator is having to sit there in that “chat” waiting for a response, they are unable to attend to multiple chat’s which we allow for.  No need to awkwardly sit in front of camera…simply respond to one or many responses by website visitors and even re-record your response quickly if it wasn’t exactly what you want to respond with!)

3) Live Chat Shows That You Care Enough About Your Customers To Invest in Them

The modern customer wants to be made to feel important, feel like they are more than a number on a sales tracking platform and to have an overall good experience. BirdSeed live chat can be embedded easily into almost any website.

These are only 3 out of the multitude of reasons how live chat can help your business. Contact  us today to learn more about how we can increase sales and enhance the customer experience.

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