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Posted on October 30, 2019 in Live Chat Software

When You Need Something In Addition to Live Chat

Live chat is amazing. A web visitor is quickly get answers to whatever they need. However, there are times when live chat alone is simply not possible or is not the best solution, all by itself. If live chat is unavailable, whether after business hours or simply no available operators, a company might substitute a chatbot, (which are almost horrible), or give a message about responding back to you. The second is not as bad and is a pretty common practice, however it does nothing to solve the original question or concern that the web visitor has- it is just a promise of additional communication, later.

Very often, if there is much time between the web visitor needing/wanting something and they will often go somewhere else and you will never hear from them again. In order to counter this, you must provide multiple tools that address the web visitors needs. However, given that people visit your website for various reasons, you must be cognizant that there are multiple needs. For effective website engagement, you should address all of these. The challenge is addressing all of these without making this super complex navigation on your website. This is where BirdSeed comes in. Birdseed offers a tool that was created with the understanding that people are also at different stages of the cycle and have different preferences. With the click of one button, your web visitor launches an engagement panel with multiple tools. We have termed this website engagement panel an “All-in-One Website Sales Center”. It includes 12 powerful tools including live chat, meeting scheduling, FAQ, testimonials and more. All in one simple button. You control what is shown based on your business needs and availability.

Proactive Messages

In addition to the panel, our tool allows you to create a proactive message which can be put on any, all or some pages. Want to put a quick video message or some other form of engagement on a page, we have you covered. For example, someone comes to a pricing page on your site,  you can hav a short video about your pricing. People love videos and research shows it boosts engagement. So no matter when your web visitors come and where they go on your website they can easily and immediately find what they are looking for.


Birdseed allows the customer to engage with your website in the way they are most comfortable and at the time they are ready to engage.

What would more customers mean to your business? Discover how BirdSeed can help make your business more profitable immediately.

BirdSeed has got you covered in keeping the customer happy and engaged. 12 powerful tools including live chat, meeting scheduling, FAQ, testimonials and more.

All in one simple button.

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Robert Urban – CMO of BirdSeed 

robert urbanCurrent CMO of BirdSeed and best-selling author, Marine veteran and PhD.  Offers expert-level strategy and execution for SaaS and technology business through relationship driven marketing, content and sales while leading and managing people from all different backgrounds. BirdSeed is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.



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