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Posted on May 23, 2018 in Live Chat Software

Website Engagement Tools For Web Developers, Designers and Agencies

Creating websites used to be much more simple. Developers and designers had to build for one medium , -desktops-, and typically had to have a contact form that collected some information and gave the customer the phone number.  Fast forward to present day and not only do you have to design and develop for desktops, but also notebooks, pads, 100s of different kinds of mobile devices. Add to that complexity the fact that now customers want to be able to choose to either chat, talk, email, watch videos and a bevy of other engagement methods.

Trying to address all of these often make the website. (app, landing page whatever) bulky, cluttered and more complex than you like the page to be. This beautiful thing you designed now isn’t so beautiful. Or you can have all of these things but in different places, so the customer has to go search for it. Even with the best navigation designs, often a customer can’t find what they are looking for.

So how does a website developer or agency incorporate all of the website engagement methods with sacrificing aesthetics or diminishing user experience?

BirdSeed is the answer.  

BirdSeed offers a FREE tool that allows a web designer to put in a small snippet of code that creates a small square panel on the website. You can match the brand and color of the client and allow for ALL the website engagement tools that a business offers. Customers are at different stages of the buying cycle and have different preferences in how they choose to communicate and engage with a business.

Support them all with our free tool.

When you build a website you can add this tool to any of the sites that you create, easily- one snippet of code. You now have a library that the client controls and saves ton of time and effort on designing and implementing all of these various methods.

Portability- our tool works and has been integrated with WordPress, Shopify, Big Commerce, Custom PHP, HTML 5, and dozens of other kinds of websites and applications.

Whether you are an agency, sole web developer or designer or simply have your own website and want it to be clean and efficient, this is the tool for you.

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