Posted on August 15, 2018 in Marketing Thoughts

What Problem Does Your Business Solve?

Sales and marketing has evolved from the old days of “features and benefits” pitches to customers to instead now primarily focusing on what problem does a business solve for their customers. There are many reasons for this paradigm shift, however the most simple answer is that it make your business relatable to the customer. Instead of being bogged down by bells and whistles and technical jargon, the customer is presented with a challenge they are facing and the fact that you solve it. Everything else becomes secondary to this.

This is usually not stated directly as “What problem do we solve for you?, but rather through exploratory questions that allow the customer to easily understand the challenge and solution. To be successful, a company must ask themselves questions like the following so they can ask a customer.

Leadership should ask:

“What problem does this solve for the customer?”

“Why do we need it?”

“Why does the customer want it?”

“Who is the customer that needs this solution?

and then once these are answered: “What does our company’s product do better or different than our competitors to solve the customer’s issues?”

The modern customer wants an incredible experience. The customer wants to know they matter to your business and the issues and challenges that they experience can be solved through you. Sometimes the hard part is not solving the problem, but rather letting the customer aware that there is a solution for their problem. Whether it is your website, application, brick and mortar, email- the focus has to be on the customer. There is an older common sales training acronym often used to remind a sales or marketing person that the customer on some level is always thinking WIFM, What’s in it for me?  

When the need or want of a customer has been identified and your company can easily and effectively communicate how you solve it, the likelihood of moving the vi

So what problem or challenge does BirdSeed solve? 

Visitors come to your website and leave without becoming customers or taking the next step you want them to take.

The reasons why this happens often is that they have a poor customer experience- they can’t find answers they want easily and quickly. If there is any friction at all in communication between a website visitor and business, the customer often leaves to find your competitor.

How does BirdSeed solve this challenge your business has? 

BirdSeed offers an easy-to-use communication tool that allows a user to instantly engage with your business in the method and time they want to with one simple click of a button. No searching for how to email, call, live chat, see FAQS, schedule a meeting or other ways all through the site.

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