Posted on May 7, 2019 in Live Chat Software

Adding BirdSeed To Your WordPress Website

Adding BirdSeed to your WordPress site is simple. Since WordPress is one of the most commonly used website frameworks out there, we built a plug-in to make this task easy to do. There are two steps. Getting the BirdSeed Code and putting in your plug-in on your WordPress site.

Getting BirdSeed Code- Go to settings on the bottom left hand corner of the dashboard. Click on add install code link. Either copy the code manually or hit copy to clipboard button. If copying to clipboard, hit okay to verify that you have it.

Adding to WordPress – Log into your dashboard admin panel in WordPress. Go to plug-ins and then hit “add new” Go to the search box and look for “BirdSeed”. Hit Install Now. Once that is completed, select the activate button. Go to the plug-in back on the dashboard. Click on Settings under the BirdSeed plug-in that now appears and paste the code in the available box.

Save all changes and you will now see the BirdSeed button has been added to your website.

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